Deliver Healthy helps cafes & bars create OTC markets of neighbors.

Contact Deliver Healthy to start receiving your transaction fees.

Local cafes, bars, and restaurants must attempt to create, encourage, and curate private OTC markets through strategic introductions of neighbors and brokerage of neighbor-dealers' service contracts.  What is the objective of this enterprise?

The goal is to unlock the latent productive capacity within us all.  Contact me for details.

To make such "Main Street markets" easy to implement, consider for example:

Everybody cooks.  So, let us all sell and personally fulfill our own flavorful, vanity branded recipe kits to neighbors based upon our favorite recipes in our spare time.  We can source fresh ingredients from the local farmers' market. 

Deliver Healthy can help. 

How prolific a chef are you?  Are you a phenomenal curator of great recipes?  Your service contract exchange rate could be linked to the higher likelihood, considering two parties, that you would have a recipe that I would enjoy more. 

If you are a "neighborhood hospitality company," contact me, Larry Leathers, to start engineering your neighborhood OTC market.  Start recovering latent productive value of your patrons today!

Larry Revander Leathers Jr., Founder and Principal

Deliver Healthy

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