Sell your recipe kit as a form of local sales prospecting!

Create your recipe kit to reach your neighbors!
We all have a favorite recipe for a very special meal that we feel, only we, are qualified to make. Let's share those perfect meals with the world!  Create your recipe kit.  Deliver Healthy can be your online neighborhood kit dispatcher.  Personally fulfill orders with fresh ingredients from the nearest farmers' market to earn neighborly love.

Contact Deliver Healthy today to directly reach neighbors with your custom recipe kits!

No recipe?  No worries.  You can still share great cooking experiences with your neighbors.  How?  We introduce you to other neighbors who do author recipes.  Curate and promote the best of the best recipes that you have locally discovered.  Get locally known and trusted for that!

Ultimately, folks will start looking for you.  Prospecting just does not get any better! 

BTW: Participate in my GoFundMe, Help Feed Families Recipe Kits campaign in NYC. Enjoy special discounted access to a professional label printer for custom packaging of your recipe kit.

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