About us

DeliverHealthy is a fresh food grocer founded by Larry Revander Leathers Jr., an American macroeconomist who knows how to make an economy great.  Our success begins with helping to make people healthy and productive. The parent company is Naehe, a private workforce development company in New York City. Call us at (347) 439 7472.

How does DeliverHealthy help make people healthy?

  • We source local whenever we can.
  • We share information about how to use food to give us the greatest energy and the greatest taste.
  • We crowdsource local area neighbors to manage delivery and fulfillment.

Right now, in New York City, we are in a pre-grand opening phase, so please contact us:

  • What do you like to eat?
  • Are you seeking healthy substitutes with great taste?

Yes, we are hiring:

  • First roles will be soon announced.

Thank you.

Message us at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deliverhealthy

Contact: grandopening@deliverhealthy.com

DeliverHealthy, a service of Naehe 28-07 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, New York 11101 Founder: Larry Revander Leathers Jr.